I Get this Feeling Somebody's Watching Me...

I am informed that my blog is being 'monitored'.



Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

Article 10 Human Rights Act 1998


Anonymous said...

Join the ranks of Policemans Blog and Brians Brief Encounters

Universal Soldier said...

Don't you give up some of your rights when you join the police force in the same way that we do?

MuppetLord said...


Jac said...

Monitored - by "The Untouchables" who don't like the publicity, or No.10's spin machine?

World Weary Detective said...

The rights we are denied are membership of trade unions and the right to strike, and active membership of political parties. We are also supposed to behave ourselves in our private lives, ie not doing anything that may bring the police into disrepute. The Human Rights Act should apply to all. (I hope)

Anonymous said...

The police service is not a political party. This all smacks of party whips trying to protect the ruling politburo.

Jurgen said...

It does .....................

So long as no one is harmed nor loss suffered. No incitement to commit a criminal act nor anything that would place the nation in danger from a real or potential enemy ..... Then you are free to do and speak as you please......... A lot of our fore fathers gave their lives to ensure this, therefore it is incumbent on us all to ensure that the rights we have, are used responsibly and not surrendered to political or religious bigotry.

John said...

Ah! I thought you might be sailing a bit close to the wind that wakes up the Gorgon.
I hope they go away - why are the public to be denied the thoughts of someone who can relate things first hand? If these postings reflect what is in your mind but are supressed, how will they control your brain?

Tim Neale said...

Well done! These days you are not anyone if you are not being monitored.

Any blog which discusses terrorism / religion / war will show up to US / UK government spiders. Any that does so regularly and views the government in a negative light will be tagged. This is to ensure the safety of the British public who’s safety from fear has to come above all others.

Stop moaning what would you rather have your blog monitored or live under Sharia law?

Refuse to be intimidated - Make written notes of everything said to you. You are a policeman you no the drill.

The sad fact is 85% of your readership figures come from the CIA / Special Branch

Monitor this motherfuckers.

World Weary Detective said...

Language Timothy! (and I'm not moaning) I think Jurgen has summarised it nicely.

sam_m said...

This Govt. is derogating from Human Rights Acts so fast it's the one event we'd win if it was in the Olympics.

Outsider said...

WWD, who informed you and how did they know?

The Hierarchy of the Establishment seem to bring the job into disrepute on a regular basis without our help.

So long as you use your own resources to manage your blog site then "THEY" cannot drip on about "mis-use of police resources" (ie the works computer/time etc.,).

The CC of my local Force (and EX-Force) fell out with the Police Federation because a FedRep dared to question (in 10/9 magazine, so of you might be able to work out who?) the waste of public money he'd used to hire a jet to fly the ACPO/Police Authority to a meeting.

I'm reliably told that communications between the Federation and the CC have broken down after he demanded an apology for casting a slur on him AND HIS FAMILY (eh!?).

When no apology was forthcoming he refused to speak to the Federation and they have to make any contact IN WRITING.

Keep up the good work and don't let the bar stewards grind you down.

You represent the reality of the present police service and not the spin infested web of deceit we get from the PC Correct ACPO/Government/Establishment.

Anonymous said...

the met newspaper "the Job" is universally reffered to as Pravda;