The Point of the Police - Discuss

The motto of the Metropolitan Police Service is: 'Working Together for a Safer London.'

This should read: 'Working to Keep the Ruling Elite Safe from You.'



Anonymous said...

Nah. The existing motto covers it.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was why Sir Robert Peel's 'New' Police were set up!
Fear of the mob! What's wrong with that?
What should be worrying you is that the pleece now seem to be protecting the criminal/illegal classes from suffering from any sort of justice; and failing to protect the law abiding, who seem now just to exist for the ever expanding 'undeserving poor community' to prey on. The slogan should read "Working together to protect you from criminal scum and anti-social chav"

Lee said...

Rather than the ruling elite, the police exist to keep the underclass of lazy, social welfare benefitting scum away from those who prefer to work hard and have aspiration in life.

Niels said...

Lee, that begs the question of why they would bother. Unless the majority of "lazy, social welfare benefitting scum" have mates in the police, there seems little reason to. They have no money for bribes, can't put you on telly as a favour, and since they're lazy you can't even get them to build that extension on your house for a nice price.

Of course, there's also the point that what the police *want* to do may not be what they end up doing.

SCHUPO1 said...

If you don't get rid of both blair's pdq, it'll soon read " ARBEIT FUR FREIHEIT " !!