This is the End

On Friday 3rd March 2006, the Management Board of the Metropolitan Police Service issued the following statement to all members of staff:

'Recently the organisation has become aware of a series of web-logs or blogs - where authors - claiming to be police officers - have offered their views on a number of issues in a highly personalised, often controversial manner.'

This statement is followed by 'guidance' on writing blogs. In summary, this states that although 'blogging' cannot be stopped, the 'impact of expressing views and opinions that are damaging to the organisation or bring the organisation into disrepute' must be considered. Disciplinary proceedings may be considered against posters of material that may be (among other things) defamatory, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

I have committed no crime. I have compromised no police operations. I have received no payment for anything published on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own.

It is therefore with deep regret and great sadness that I must announce that I will no longer be submitting posts to this blog. I cannot challenge New Scotland Yard. I am weary indeed and cowardice is my bedmate. The protection of my family must take precedence.

To each and every one of you - take note of what has happened here and be afraid.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. - George Orwell


World Weary Detective said...

As my e-mail appears to be have become 'unavailable', I have switched off comment moderation. I have now diverted my energies to completion of my book. WWD will not be cowed...

World Weary Detective said...

Amazingly, it has appeared again! Comment moderation back on. Please feel free to e-mail me if you wish. It may be monitored.

SCHUPO1 said...

Sorry to see you go. My apologies for the last one you deleted.....
You're quite right of course, and the actions of the higher ups are just showing the rest of the public who are viewing this post of yours, exactly what they are in for if the present trends of the so called government are not halted. England is fast becoming a mix of Orwells 1984 and communist russia under Stalin.
Good luck with your book, i'll watch out for it, as no doubt lots of others will.
Best Regards, Schupo1.

Ian said...

I'm shocked and saddened. On a purely selfish level I'm saddened because I've been following your blog for quite a while now and really grown quite attached to it. It's always been interesting, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate and opinionated about an impressively wide and diverse range of topics.

It's shocking that the 'management board' are so short-sighted and insecure as to see the likes of you as a threat. As you regularly and impressively keep pointing out, the duty of the Police is to the public. Communication and contact with that public and the individual, diverse communities you serve is fundamental to gaining their trust and respect - as you also keep pointing out - and it takes a truly short-sighted, self-serving, ignorant, paranoid, unfit-for-purpose "management board" that can not only (a) fail to see the (potentially massive) benefits that having serving officers blogging but also (b) fail to see how their actions can (and hopefully will) potentially blow up right in their faces.

I really hope the press have a slow week coming up and pick up on this. "Met Gags Internet Coppers", I can see it all now!

Thanks for your efforts, anyway, I hope you return. And good luck with the book.

David Mery said...

Can the Police functions when alienating the public and its staff?


Harry said...

Sad to hear that -- I've enjoyed your posts over the last few months.

I hope you can come back to blogging at some point in the future!

Anonymous said...

Bollocks! Yours is my favourite UK blog, I check it at least once a day. I lived in the UK for two years and am now back in New Zealand.

I have to wonder, is this maybe just a reaction to the new powers of speech that blogs are providing? Since when have people such as yourself had a chance to voice their opinions to such a public and wide audience, before blogs and the internet?

Best of luck,


Jac said...

Is this the "freedom of speech" and "defence of our way of life" that the Government are allegedly sworn to defend? It won't make any difference - as in the X Files - the truth is out there. I'm sorry this has happened but I was concerned for you, knowing what they're like.

Your blog was the best - I've read it every day since I discovered it.

We all wish you well - look after yourself and when you have the magic number in (30?) you can say what you like.

Keep working on that book - I'll look out for it.

Be careful - and lucky.

Bob Piper said...

WWD, I think you should continue. You do not publish defamatory material, offensive or inappropriate remarks or anything which would compromise operations. You give people a valuable insight into what a bloody difficult job you have. At times 'lefties' like me need a reminder about some of the complex duties the police have to carry out.

sam_m said...

'Twas only last night I passed your url on to another reader.

"I am weary indeed and cowardice is my bedmate." I would chide you gently on this and so will do so in another place.

Thanks for all your insights so far.

Anonymous said...

cant you just say "screw them". As long as you remain factual, how can that "bring into disrepute"? What about a whistleblowers defence? And whats on the line here? Losing your job? Your pension? Other prosecution? Is it decided by a court or an internal investigation? Someone needs to make a stand. Im sure if you asked for contributions to a fighting fund, and the associated publicity through blogland/MSM, you could stand up to this blatent censorship Soviet/fascist style

Bemused said...

Fully agree with all previous comments. Damn shame.

Hope you find a way to return.

Good luck.

Tim Neale said...

I posted this and more here

Since WMD failed to turn up in Iraq this government has had no moral authority. Hence government ministers have to borrow the authority of the Police on issues such as ID cards. It is embarrassing for them and the senior Police officers they are using when some one lets slip that not all Met officers agree with the official line.

Hence the move to shut down any possible outlet for these “inappropriate” statements.

Best of luck, it's nice to know there is at least one set of boots not looking for an excuse to stamp in my face

D-Notice said...

Sad to see you go. This is what happens when people have opinions which are different to those of people who are higher up...

fjl said...

Hi, sad to hear there are problems. Good luck and best wishes for the future x

SCHUPO1 said...

Some further comments needed here, WWD, you can't say it, but anyone of us can.....
Ian and David Merry: The duty of the police, sadly, is no longer to the general public. I'm sure WWD will correct me if i'm wrong, but the oath of alleigance is no longer to Her Majesty, but to the Home Office and its ruling dictator. The police are fast becoming the new Stasi of Europe and you can't blame the ordinary policeman.
Jac: See what happened to Messrs N.Griffin and M.Collett - and then the upcoming(?)arrests of Muslim fanatics in London! Free Speech? Not in a long time in this country.
Annonymous & Rest of supporters of WWD: It's fully understandable that a guy has to provide for his family first-WWD won't win against either Bliar-to date all whistleblowers still remain sacked!
All you guys have to vote-WWD knows what i'm on about-you may think its extreme,-but are not extreme things being done to us all? Regardless of your race, colour or creed.
Good Luck and all the very best for the future they all know what the death of democracy feels like!

Holly Finch said...

oh god it's so depressing, what can we do, where will this end?
best of luck with your book

Chairwoman of the bored said...

I wasn't always in agreement with you, but I respect your opinions and am appalled that you have effectively been censored by the people appointed to operate the Police Service on our behalf.

I am astonished that they are unaware that the blogs written by you and your colleagues engender better goodwill than any iniative they may choose to initiate.

Chris said...

Good bye, for now I hope, and good luck.

And sorry to some of the above but my reading of that met ultimatum is "we may take punative action against anyone we disagree with". Right and wrong don't enter into the beaurocrats mind.

Universal Soldier said...

Best of luck for the future. Hope to see you back in some shape or form in the future.

Rachel said...

I will miss you.

I have posted about this. It is such a shame.

Have you talked to a lawyer?

MatGB said...

WWD, I agree with Cllr Piper (and writing that hurts), they're reinforing and warning that innapropriate use, especially defamatory use, will be subject to review, they're not saying "don't blog", they're saying don't defame, etc.

I've never seen you post something defamatory, and 'offensive' is entirely subjective anyway. Keep blogging, they're not stopping you, just guiding you.

I suspect this isn't aimed at you, but at those who aren't being sensible about what they write.

Bob? In response to your comment on Tim's post, I know at least one home office minister reads blogs, not sure how regularly, but they're there.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...


"the 'impact of expressing views and opinions that are damaging to the organisation or bring the organisation into disrepute' must be considered."

But actually carrying out the actions that would bring the organisation into disrepute if reported on is OK?

Madness. Utter madness.

We need more anonymous Policeblogs, not less. Don't give up WWD: we need you more precisely because of this sort of edict...

gonorr said...

Best wishes,

I will miss your sensible opinions.

Illegitimis nil carborundum

Geoff said...

Sorry to see you go. Really think that you should continue if at all possible the letter does seem to imply that the powers to be acknowledge that blogging cannot be stopped...

MuppetLord said...

Good luck WWD. Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Bastards. TJF.

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

The words

"where authors - claiming to be police officers"

sound ominous.

Does this mean that the Metropolitan Police Service or other forces, will actually be wasting resources on investigating every blog posting which may, or, may not have been written by a real police officer ?

Is "impersonating a police officer" a serious enough crime, i.e. "likely to attract a prison sentence of 3 years or more, for a first time offender",
to allow for the electronic interception of commmunications and communications traffic data to be grabbed under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 ?

Is this "guidance" document available to the public, or is it time for yet another Freedom of Information Act request to the Metropolitan Police Service and to the Metropolitan Police Authority ?

Winston Smith said...

This is all very sinister. Much of what has been written on this site shows the police in a good light. It appears that the WWD has shaken a few cages at Scotland Yard with some other posts. Can't handle the truth? Oppress your staff with veiled threats. This whole affair has shown the police in a very bad light. Take note and be afraid indeed.

Bill Sticker said...

I hear NZ and Australia are looking for good experienced officers. Bon chance



Bystander said...

Sad news WWD. There are a good few bloggers who have been leant on, and some in commercial outfits have been fired. I can understand that in a hierarchical organisation like the police you have to have consideration for your long-tem prospects. Blogging is fun, but it doesn't pay the mortgage. The speed of change in Web technology means that the sort of stuff you and I write could never be suppressed, as we would, if pushed, be able to disguise ourselves impenetrably. If the Soviet Government couldn't suppress comment, I'm sure the Met cannot.

After the piece about me in The Times a finger or two was wagged by people who thought that it could just be me, but I had a good think about it and I am comfortable with what I do.

When I post I ask myself: could this bring the magistracy into disrepute? and could any court user feel that I have been talking about them in particular rather than about people in general? Two noes, and in it goes. Those of us who have blogged about the criminal justice system have done more to explain it to our fellow citizens than all the anodyme 'official' sites put together. At 225,000 hits I have had more traffic than the Mags Association and Lord Chancellor's sites together.

Good luck. You never know who you will find on the bench next time you give evidence.

A lurker said...

WWD - your blog is one of my favourites. Real stories from the frontline of policing, telling like it is but without the knee jerk right wing reactionary spin that I would expect from a lot of Police Officers. All which makes what you say far more powerful.

I really don't think you should stop cos you don't breach the criteria of being "defamatory, offensive or otherwise inappropriate." OK the otherwise inappropriate bit is a catch all but I don't think even the Blairites at the Met would seriously think that they could get away with pinning that on you.

Can't you speak to some computer geek to do all youre blogging from behind proxies so that posts can't be traced back to you?

If you go you will be very sorely missed by many, many people.

Anonymous said...


Do they specifically know it is you?

If not, and you are worried about them tracing your IP address and whatnot, continue to blog anonymously but from your local library (for free in most London boroughs). Save text on floppy on your home computer and when you go to library do cut & paste job.

Sunny said...

This is really sad WWD! I really enjoyed reading this blog and getting your perspective on issue. :(

Best of luck in the future, and I hope if the police does allow blogs, then you're one of the first people back! If you do, make sure you drop me an email and let me know!

Stephen Newton said...

I work as a PR consultant and often write on the ethics of blogging. This flags up important issues, especially re. blogging behind a shield of anonymity. I’ve used your case here. In essence, I think that if you can’t guarantee you’ll blog responsibly, you’re right to retire.

(‘It’ll be interesting to see if this get’s past the anonymous moderator’, he joked!)

Yorkshire Lass In London said...

I'm very sorry to see you go. Good luck with the book and you'll be missed. x

Tom Paine said...

All the best, WWD. I think much that you have written here has raised our opinion of the Met. It's the Met's boss that does most damage to its image.

David said...

It doesn't say much for the Met's upper management's respect for the integrity of their officers. If they can't trust you to blog, how can they expect you to exercise fair judgment when dealing with ua the public.

I'll miss your blog.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the obvious thing to do would be pass on your usual well written comments onto someone who isn't in the police and use them as a proxy blog?

But as someone else mentioned earlier, The Soviets, the Chinese and other repressive authoriities couldn't control the dissidents.

Certainly this repression should be passed onto the media.

SCHUPO1 said...

STEPHEN NEWTON ANOTHER "PR" BLAH BLAH BLAH....He needs to go to the loo.....its coming out of his mouth he's so full of it!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great shame - I hope you can continue to write, even within these guidelines.

Reading this blog has greatly increased my respect for the police - or rather for police officers, if not their management - and has really provided a unique perspective on so many issues... thanks.

Vimes said...

Never posted before but a regular visitor.

Sorry to see it end this way, your footnote says it all.

Outsider said...

WWD, as an ex-plod (retirement caught up with me) I did not hold the MET in high esteem (no I wasn't kicked out, just didn't like the way the regs used to changed for the rest of us cos a met bobby f*cked up).

That said, your Blogs impressed me (you'll know how hard it is to impress the cynical mind of us old sweats) and changed my opinion of the Met per say.

IMHO it's the top of the pyramid that frequently brings the job into disrepute but can keep the lid on it most of the time and the public don't hear of it.

They have the most to lose if their cat is let out of the bag. Oppressive management never gets the respect it needs to operate efficiently and ALWAYS results in 'leaks' and 'whistle blowing'.

The ivory towers are very much under threat in the proposed amalgamations of UK Forces and each ACPO member has to protect his/her interests, and the realisation that their 'hymn sheet' sometimes reaches the attention of the...sorry to swear...PUBLIC domain!

There I've said the dreaded 'P' word as far as ACPO/Government is concerned.

Unfortunately theACPO/Government disinformation has been through so many 'spin-filters' as to be totally unrecognisable by the time it reaches Joe-soap-public, whereas your Blogs, and those of other police officers are 'straight-speak' and truthful, all the harder for the powers to be to dispute, if challenged.

Roll on amalgamation, only then will we get rid of the Mandarins in the top of their towers.

Outsider said...

WWD you are the sort of bloke who doesn't deserve to be lead by the likes of the BLAIR brothers.

I am sure that when you look back on your service, you'll KNOW that YOU made a difference to many deserving of your attention (good or bad, just different sides of the same coin) whose paths crossed yours.

Through your blogs you restored the 'normal everyday bloke' face to the image of the policeman and for that I take my hat off to you.

The site will be sorely missed.

Mags said...

Like others, I think it's a shame this decision has been pushed upon you. Hearing the personal opinions on policing matters from a met officer has provided more insights into the problems than I could get from old media sources.

OTOH, I do understand why you have chosen to cease posting so can only hope things change and you will be able to return.

JD said...

Your blog has done more to present the human face of the MET than any high-priced PR junket. Your silencing reflects on the leadership, or lack of it, in your organisation. Here's hoping that the Blairs of this world exit soon, stage right.

Good luck. Looking forward to the book - or can they stifle that as well?

gimblet said...

My god, i only said a few days ago I feared this might happen. I persuaded myself that was pessimism bordreing on paranoia. I'm truly truly saddened by this. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your book and hope nobody pressures you to withdraw publication of that.

Perhaps this is of interest ot the press after all.

Good luck with everything, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Lions abd Donkeys, hard luck

Anonymous said...

Someone might want to e-mail the commentator Peter Hitchens of the mail on sunday - the paper which originally paper published David Copperfield's coppersblog that began to get police blogs such interest.
As Peter is campaigning against the erosion of free speech and freedom generally in his newspaper column, as well as on TV - anyone see his recent documentary for Dispatches? - I'm sure he would be interested.
I would e-mail himself but circumstances beyond my control that I cannot go into prevent it.

On a personal note, WWD's demise is another example of why the police are losing (have already lost?) the respect and backing of the law-abiding and all-too-silent majority who fund the feckless, workshy and those who seem to think that a sound diversity policy is more important than the protection of life and property and keeping the Queen's peace.

I hope that WWD will rise again - along with Brian's Brief Encounters et al. Imagine a police FORCE staffed by an army of PC DCs, BBBs and WWDs. Then we would live in the sort of society we want... and pay our taxes for.

Concerned Reader.

Anonymous said...

I agree e-mail the papers. Get questions asked of the Met so they dont get away with bullying.

SteveG said...

Sad news indeed. I fully agree with the posters who've made the point that your blog has done a great deal to enhance the reputation of Met officers, if not of their senior management.

Best of luck. You'll be sadly missed.

Anonymous said...

Do not Question the System.


Welcome to Nazi Britain 2006.

Niels said...

Good Luck, WWD, I hope you can find your voice again. It's one worth listening to.

Storyman said...

Well I am (part of) the press and I'll be in touch with the Met to see what they have to say.

Detective Weary, we've corresponded before. Any chance of the full email to staff? That must have a pretty wide circulation and so could have come from anyone.

You can leave it on my blog. Sorry to see you go.

It strikes me that any large organisation, it doesn't just have to be the police or a Government department, want to be on top of their "message".

Blogging is a wonderful shortcut through that screen of corporate crap to what is really going on. That's why we are all logging on here and that's why they want it gagged.

Storyman said...

Well I am (part of) the press and I'll be in touch with the Met to see what they have to say.

Detective Weary, we've corresponded before. Any chance of the full email to staff? That must have a pretty wide circulation and so could have come from anyone.

You can leave it on my blog. Sorry to see you go.

It strikes me that any large organisation, it doesn't just have to be the police or a Government department, want to be on top of their "message".

Blogging is a wonderful shortcut through that screen of corporate crap to what is really going on. That's why we are all logging on here and that's why they want it gagged.

edjog said...

Fuck's sake, dude! I'd only just found you... i'm gutted. I expect there's much we'd disagree over (i'll have to read some back posts), but the opportunity to argue the toss with an actual thinking copper just seemed proper exciting... in a good way, too, for a change. I'm sure you can figure out a way to subvert the system: perhaps we'll meet under anonymous circumstances...

Anonymous said...

Booooooooooo for the ****** Met.

Two of the three coppers blogs I subscribe to are now not blogging.

The big crime is not being offensive, it's hidden in "otherwise inappropriate". It's that of being off message.

It's writing things like "Speed Cameras are there for the money" "The requested new laws are draconian" and the "Root and branch reform" things that are the problem.

Well, I look forward to the book with interest.

sam_m said...

To the Anon poster who suggested contacting the Daily Mail.
I recall that Copperfield was far from pleased that he got the publicity.
They didn't tell him they were going to do it, they didn't ask permission to reproduce stuff off his site and some of the attention it drew was unwelcome.

I find press are more concerned with what's in their publisher's interest than the public interest.

Anonymous said...

That they do this diminishes them.
That they are obviously afraid of openness is no surprise but very worrying.
That there is no way of sanctioning them is our democratic deficit.
That this is an indication which way our society is going is frightening.
Be afraid, very afraid

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go. Your blog was the only thing that stopped me from thinking all policemen were wankers.

Ben said...

I hope that you don't give up. Your blog is one of the best of its kind - and the way that the top brass has responded is all the more reason to carry on. But I completely understand that your career and livelihood are more important.
I think the way the police authority have behaved tells us everything that we need to know about them and about their fear of free speech.
If you do carry on you can be assured of a very loyal audience. If you don't then I for one thank you for what you have done and wish you all the very best in the future.

Ceridwen Devi said...

Maybe you could become a podcaster like the pope. You already have cult status. All you need now is some Italian sponsorship. They do really cool 19 day instant mortgages. We shall vote to get you into the Maya Evans Hall of Fame. It's a fair blog, guv'nor!

BondBloke said...

Just back from a winter break and catching up with things and I find you gagged by a bunch of Blairite thugs... Bloody sorry to see you go!

Anonymous said...

I left the Job because of political correctness and miss the guys but not the double-speak. Sorry to hear that you are leaving the blog, dont blame you, they will stop at nothing to find anyone who dissents and the State is getting more and more paranoid as they lose control.
All the best for the future

Outsider said...

Check your email as I 've updated you on the Avon and Somerset Recruitment blog you wrote end of last year?

CuriousHamster said...

What a bunch of contemptible b*stards. Sorry to see you go. Entirely understandable decision though.

It is good to know that there are decent people like yourself working in the Met. Thank you.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Picked you up a long time ago and have read avidly ever since. All I can say to this turn of events is: fucking cunt-socks.

Ah, well, back to the grind...


Tim said...

I too agree with Bob Piper's comment, but also I think that you're in a better position to judge what might be too risky and/or a veiled threat than those of us outside the field.

I wish you the best of British luck, and hope that the pen-pusher behind this decree develops a near-fatal case of haemorrhoids.


Mike said...

Just found your blog and now you have to close! Your comments have provided a valuable insight to me as to how our political leaders see us.

I can foresee in a few years time an almost complete removal of the civil liberties we have enjoyed for years. Society really needs people like you who can report from the inside, but if you feel you must stop, I can only support you.

Remember that evil succeeds when good men do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Can't you still blog? just don't call yourself a detective if you're not, perhaps.
Bad news, but all the best anyway.

Snoop said...

Sorry to see you and all the other cop blogs go.

Anonymous said...

These are your own personel words. Made in your own time. Made about the job you do and the world you see.
How dare they.
How long before the start burning books that are 'expressing views and opinions that are damaging to the organisation or bring the organisation into disrepute'?

I should be suprised that i'm not suprised.

sam_m said...

I see you're still keeping the comments section active. Excellent!!!

200 said...

Shame you're stopping the blog, I've enjoyed reading it.

People should know the lengths the 'management' will go to in the slavish pursuit of pulling the wool over the public's eyes.

I'm lucky, I can retire soon, it's the younger ones I feel sorry for - forgive them for they know not what they do, or something.

fledgling detective said...

I am disappointed to see that astute observations on the ways of the blair-ite new-labour world order and its shambolic effect on what used to be a public service, namely the police, are gradually being outlawed. I found your blog reassuring, informative and witty.

PJ said...

Don't let the ***holes get you down. Open another one on a different venue (blog service), there's lots of them out there. Take heart and keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

Orwell was hugely prophetic.

Whilst I appreciate the immediacy of the protection of your family taking precedence, one must also remember Edmund Burke's saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Nat said...

It's never cowardice to take care of a family, that's a responsibility never to be taken lightly.

Like the great majority I'm sad to see this blog go but I thank you for all the insights into your job and your feelings about it.

I fear for the future for it's looking more ominously Orwellian every day.

Fare thee well.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I only found out about this blog when it was reported as closing down.. great timing, huh? I did read through a lot of the posts, though, and they made for great reading. It's easy to be cynical of the police force as an entity, but being able to get the views of the actual people on the ground gives a totally different (and much more sympathetic) viewpoint. From what I've read on your blog, I wish the 'higher-ups' thought more like you.

You might want to leave a copy of the Cluetrain Manifesto ( ) on their desks. It's aimed at business, but could equally be applied to the Met.

I understand your decision to stop blogging, althuogh I wish it could be otherwise. All the best for the future.

Gillian said...

How sad and terrifying, I've just found this blog via the bbc news. I'm very sorry to come at the tail end of it. I'll look forward to reading it all.

Anonymous said...

Well I can not say i have read any more than your first post but i feel the right of free speach being outlawed organisation by organisation is wrong, but although this would appear to breach the right of free speach, i tend to go by the idea that you can say anything atall as long as it does not affect anyone else.

Su said...

You'll be back - somewhere in blogdom!! Never give up, never be discouraged, never back down. Blessings and courage to you my friend. Free speech is powerful, as is free silence.

A Brit in the Baltic said...

Hi World Weary Detective,

I see that the Jobs hierarchy has taken the usual sledgehammer to crack the walnut when faced with a challenge from the plebs. That must have been very tricky for them, imagine how difficult it must have been to get a ‘worry of senior officers’ together for long enough for them to make a decision.

It’s not the first time the Met’s top brass have come down hard on the rank and file for daring to express a contrary opinion to the party line on the Net. Ever heard of a disrespectful website that went under the title of ‘The Uxbridge Shag’ they managed to close that down as well in about 2001.

I do hope you reconsider closing down your blog and always remember the Detectives motto ‘Illegitimis non est carborundum’

A weary (retired) ex Met D/S.

lenin said...

That sucks balls. Good luck.

Donna said...

This might be an article of interest ...

Anonymous said...

The police force I once worked for has become a vile, inept and pointless institution. It is because of moves like this restriction to free speech that I no longer trust or help the police in any way or form. I trust it as much as Blair and Nu Labour. Spin, lies and distraction seem now to be the stock in trade of all parties in position of power and influence. I have come to the stage that I have destroyed every last remnant of my former service and I am only connected by the pension I paid for. The clamour for draconian powers that even the real and much greater IRA threat could not could not even bring forth has been spun into being by people who have no real mandate with the electorate. The George Orwell quote is quite right and evil is walking amoungst us pretending to have our best interests at heart.

Soong said...

A hundred-times increase in site traffic tells me you should really just carry on ;)

Anonymous said...

ironically, now that you have stopped, your getting loads of publicity
for instance

i imagine more people will want to read the Police blogs now, than they ever did before MPS brought out these guidleines.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

ironically, now that you have stopped, your getting loads of publicity
for instance

i imagine more people will want to read the Police blogs now, than they ever did before MPS brought out these guidelines.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about your blog until the BBC highlighted the issue today.

All I can say is that the world really needs people who tell it like it is in all organisations, esp ones as important as the Met.

Hope you find a way to continue.

If not, thanks for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read your troubles. Read input in Spiegel/Germany today. Weird to read that free people are not allowed to express their opinion. England was renowned for free speech- what has happened to your country? The rest of Europe as well apparently...

Strange times.
John- near Hamburg/Germany

Keep on trucking!

Anonymous said...

Very worrying. It's decisions like this which slowly creep into society, and before you know it we're going to be under a totalitarian state. You only need to read the accounts of Jews that suffered in the holocaust - the taking over of their homes happened bit by bit, one decision after another, and they barely noticed what was happening to them before they were in trouble.

On a less murderous scale this is precisely what is happening in this country. Bit by bit we're having our rights taken away from us and more rules/regulations/guidelines are being imposed. Sadly, the British people are not ones to revolt, I don't know at what point people will start.

Peter Cherbi said...

sorry to hear the Met came down on this - seems like free speech in the UK is taking a turn for the worst, even among the professions .... :( at least theres a lot of publicity about it though .. BBC, The Register , etc ...

good luck in the future :)

Peter of Edinburgh

SCHUPO1 said...

Hi WWD, and all you others who still think WWD and other met members will be able to continue...take a look at this link, and weep!
Best Regards, John.

alloy said...

Oh god I have 15 years to do in this awful institution that is now the Met.
I cant wait for my life to pass to that point !
I can only hope that all this sillyness, PC, HRA and the rest of the associated rubbish that gets dragged along in its wake comes to a sudden death before I do.
The only way that I can see it ending is by the overturning of the establishment as a whole and that means revolution.
I dont want that.
Whats the alternative then ?
Well there is not really one at the moment.
However, this country needs a release and soon. People in all walks of life are now seeing what we have and many dont like it.
This is not going to end nicely thats for sure.

Epaphroditus said...

So, opinions must be censored and only 'politically-correct' views that support 'the party-line' may be aired, yet if you're the Commissioner of the Metroplolitan Police Service you can repeatedly behave in an unprofessional manner and continue to receive the support of Government.

Anonymous said...

Dear WWD, You said it all, really, when you pointed out that you've committed no crime or compromised any police operations.

You are entitled to your own opinions, and I for one would like to keep hearing them. Your corporate masters may not like you speaking your mind. So what? That's their problem, not yours. Don't be threatened by them. Free speech is vital.

Please reconsider your decision.

Paulie said...

This is a disgrace WWD.

You are not alone:

yellowmoon said...

dont stop u havent and cannot be forced to stop..just continue to post annonamously, i run and when i write up world news with my opinions on what punishments scum bags deserve,it makes me think people like u are the ones whod have to enforce these laws..cops should be getting high wages and lawyers the normal wages

Anonymous said...

Found a website, but there is nothing in it!!! urrghh

Anonymous said...

Given the manifest intention of this New Labour government to introduce a police state by (almost) stealth, I do not criticise WWD for keeping his head below the parapet for a while. I agree that he does have the duty to his family of keeping them fed and housed, and at present that should take precedence.

I hope that the words are running well for the book. I trust that you will be able to give it a quick plug here, even if posted anonymously?

Anonymous said...

And just as I found your website. Sorry to see you will no longer contribute.

Anonymous said...

In his last post to this blog, WWD noted "I am weary indeed and cowardice is my bedmate". But then noted that the protection of his family must take precedence. And some have been critical of the apparent ease with which the system rolled him over, and seemed to have tickled his tummy.

This reply is posted to let those critical ones understand just how difficult it may be to fight against the surveillance state, and perhaps to warn the UK ID card refuseniks that they had better get practising on some trivia while they can still afford a few reverses or mistakes. At the time we and George Orwell fear, the state will not be forgiving of error.

While watching the US-VISIT program become a means of fingerprinting (two index fingers) and photographing all who enter the US under the pretext of being an anti terrorist measure, I made myself a promise that Uncle Sam wasn't going to get mine! It was going to be easy, I just won't go to the US. But what I had missed was that for the past 18 months, they have also been insisting on doing the same to all transit passengers. So they march transit passengers off the plane, take them through the US Immigration process (including fingerprints and photo), put an entry stamp in their passports, and then keep them coralled in a transit lounge that would just about bear comparison with those at Mumbai or Jakarta aiports (to name a couple at random). This was not made plain (enough) to me before I boarded my flight. And when I got to the US transhipment point, I initially refused to go through immigration. Until the choice was made sufficiently plain to me. Either I had my photo taken and two index fingerprints taken and I went on to my chosen destination, or I refused in which (to comply with the law) case they would have to "process" me for removal from the country. This "processing" would involve taking all ten finger prints and a photo, as well as giving me a US criminal record. But it did not (yet) appear to require "selection" for "special treatment" at Guantanamo. And the Homeland Security officers sincerely believed that they were doing this for my protection, including for the protection of my identity! I did not have the time, or the means, to show them WWD's post on the benefits of UK ID cards in the prevention of terrorism (see A Bright and Shiny ID Card Future! at

So for the privacy of my other eight fingers and thumbs I made a dirty, sordid compromise! I gave in. They got their two.

And back on the plane, I wept. I too must own up to cowardice being my bedmate.

Those who are Christians may understand the similarity to Peter who did not believe it possible that he could deny his Lord three, yes three, times before the cock crowed that morning of the crucifixion. And when the cock crowed, he wept. Afterwards Peter went on to great things despite that personal tragedy. In a similar but less worthy manner, I must rely for my redemption on the unconstrained good will of God inspite of (rather than because of) what I have done.

And I still weep to recall how weak I was in the face of state surveillance.

Well, at least there is rain outside the window to keep me company as I type this at a sleepless 0430. It isn't going to be easy. Be of good cheer.

Gentleman-hobbs said...

I am appalled that your freedom of speech has been curtailed. Have you thought of satire? Good luck!

moe said...

Strong support on your behalf from Germany.

You write that "cowardice is your bedmate" but i also understand that they have your families welfare as an hostage...

So do what you have to do.

It´s tragic to see another outpost of truth and free speech disappear from the face of the world.


moe of

thinblueline said...

blog on ... no surrender.

Ann said...

Ann: Australia
A couple of years ago I read on a website that Britain would at some future point be introducing public street protection in the form of men wearing brown shirts (and named so). It appears that this event isn't too far in the future at all. There are evil things and shameful things happening in the world. Thank you for your site and the good work you have done.

alienboy said...

Shame to see you go. What are your future plans?

alienboy said...

Sorry to see you go/stop blogging. The shortsightedness of the police authorities is now so bad as to require laser surgery.

What are your future plans?

Anonymous said...

To the World Weary Detective:

There is a German word, "Weltschmertz" I believe it's spelled. One definition is world weary.

The other very deep psychological term:
"The quality of being homesick for a place one has never been. A deep longing, as if from a dream"

I really really like this other definition ~ it leaves hope!

Another Angry Crown Servant said...

Hail and farewell. I, too, have a family, and know what it is to have made oneself hostage to fortune. However, to keep your sanity remember the words of Samuel Butler during Cromwell's reign (pity, for he is a hero of mine):

"He that complies against his will is of his own opinion still"

They may control what you can express, but they can't control your mind, or buy your soul.

CarolK said...

Shame. Good Luck

sernak plywood said...

You'll be back - somewhere in blogdom!! Never give up, never be discouraged, never back down. Blessings and courage to you my friend. Free speech is powerful, as is free silence.

Anonymous said...

Larry Danaher, one of Americas' top law enforcement, said last December that the police should use more weblogs to communicate and learn from one another. In his words, "electronic mentoring." I think you should keep up the drudgery and keep the faith!

Major Howell Smith
Decatur County Sheriff Dept.

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