Dead Man Walking

What is the difference between this man:

And this man?:

I would hope you recognise the first, and the star of the picture at the top of this piece. The second picture is of Police Sergeant Tony Smellie of the Met Police Territorial Support Group (TSG). PS Smellie was arrested and charged with assault following an incident at the G20 protests. He was found 'not guilty'.  His accuser sold her story to a tabloid newspaper and failed to attend court to give evidence against him. The trial continued however.

PS Smellie, who I have worked with, has been tried and found not guilty by a court of law. I believe that it is right that police officers are subject to the same law as everyone else. I agree that it was in the public interest for the case to be put before a court, despite the obvious issues with the alleged victim. Such issues would have led to such a case against anyone but a police officer being dropped prior to trial. The case is concluded. PS Smellie did not unlawfully assault anyone.

Our ex-Prime Minster was aware that the invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law. He still supported President Bush and launched an invasion which led to the deaths of thousands and thousands of people, including British troops. The Chilcot Enquiry continues, and I appreciate that it would be somewhat hypocritical to make assumptions, but I will.

PS Smellie was tried for allegedly unlawfully striking one person. PM Blair acted in an unlawful way which led to thousands and thousands of deaths. He is now a millionaire and will never be brought to justice. The Chilcot enquiry will not find against him. We should all be ashamed to be a part of this.

Wank and Bile

The Police Federation represent the 'rank and file'. What are the file? Where can I find them, and do they pay their dues?