Do I Win a Prize?

I think I do! The first article claiming yesterday's violence was all the fault of the police: HERE

For those of you who haven't experienced Laurie Penny, she is a columnist for the Guardian and New Statesman. She is a comedy leftie. She is also white, middle-class and public school educated.

It is refreshing to see the positive comments made about the police yesterday from the genuine protesters, and the almost universal condemnation of the violence by the small minority. The anarchists - I would place money on the fact that they also are white, middle-class and many will be from private schools. Just a feeling I have...


Blue Eyes said...

That article is "joyous" for want of a better word. I will precis it for those who haven't got time to click through:

Laurie Penny says she saw people committing criminal offences and when the police came to apprehend someone they thought had been responsible others got involved to resist the arrest. Then the other people in the square were surprised when other officers came to the assistance of those who were being resisted and then even more surprised when, more people having kicked off, the police decided to contain the violence using established lawful means.

These lefties really need to get out more.

The World Weary Detective said...

Spot on! It always brightens my day to know that I can read one of her articles following any disorder. What really tickles me is that if there was a genuine working class revolution, her and her kind would be the first against the wall!