Urgent Vacancies at the Met

It seems that everyone more senior than me in the Met has resigned. I appear to have become Commissioner by default. Stephenson and Yates have joined the exalted ranks of senior officers who have either resigned early or been sacked from the Met in the last few years. A number of these fucking arseholes continue to appear on TV and radio offering us the benefit of their 'expertise'. The hunt is now on for yet another self-serving arrogant prick to pretend that they 'put the people of London first'.

I was at work when it was announced that Stephenson had resigned. Made no difference whatsoever. While our senior fuckwhitery continue to descend into farce, the people taxpayers actually pay to do the job will still be there answering 999 calls and dealing with the simple human dramas that entails.

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Anonymous said...

You appear to have forgotten the self serving arrogant prickess' who may apply!