If there is anything to be taken away from recent events, it's the dignity of this man. He has managed his anger, worked with others to stop further violence, and become an icon of decency. He had it in his power to start a race war but didn't, despite losing his son in the most dreadful of circumstances. Peace.

"Today we stand here to plead with all the youth to remain calm, for our communities to stand united. This is not a race issue. The family has received messages of sympathy and support from all parts of society … I lost my son. Blacks, Asians, whites – we all live in the same community. Why do we have to kill one another? Why are we doing this? Step forward if you want to lose your sons. Otherwise, calm down and go home – please."


Anonymous said...

L’Eloquence nouveau.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree - a dignified and strong man - my thoughts are with him and his family.

Anonymous said...

I too thought he was a class act. So dignified. I have a 21 year old, so I can understand the grief he must be feeling. Impressive.

Bent Society said...

To save money and promote a ‘crime as opportunity’ paradigm changing agenda, 27 years ago the British Home Office deliberately cooked up a junk science myth to facilitate arguments against calls for more police officers. This led to the gradual withdrawal of officers from our streets. The myth is still being used today. I attach a link to a British Government e-petition that contains a link to the myth busting article by Dr Mike Sutton and calls for a funded evaluation of traditional random assignment, non-directed foot patrol: