Oh, how QUEER!

Two events are causing an impact on the ability of the police to support the 'community' in the next month. The Notting Hill Carnival is one. As written about. A fine community event that cannot be referenced by the 6000 riot police....sorry....let's all dance and ignore the attacks on police. Because they don't count.

After the riots, and the aftermath, the EDL are marching through Tower Hamlets.

There is something in common:

1) Any criticism of black culture is racism. Notting Hill Carnival is a black event therefore any criticism of it is racist.

2) The police are racist. Anything the police say is racist.

3) The EDL march through East London. This is a racist act.

4) Any attempts to stop them breaches their right to protest. This argument is ignored in the pages of The Guardian where protest rights only relate to causes they support.



allcoppedout said...

Bravo Weary - this is the only appropriate response to diversity that makes white men the worst of all in every situation. Is there a black democracy you can think of? I thought South Africa was bad on apartheid until I went there (some of it was crap)and then on to India and saw the caste system. We've been hoodwinked. Cops left the the middle as usual.

MTG said...

I will try a glass of whatever WWD ordered, Barman.

dickiebo said...

WWD; You're spot on - again!

Blue Eyes said...

It does seem a bit odd that Notting Hill requires as many officers as the whole of London had on Monday night of the riots.

Joe Public said...

English Defence League coach attacked in east London 3/9/11.

A coach full of English Defence League supporters was pelted with missiles after it broke down in east London.

The coach was carrying 44 EDL members when it stopped in Mile End Road, Tower Hamlets.

About 100 Asian teenagers then pelted it with bricks and stones, according to a BBC reporter at the scene.

Police arrested all 44 EDL supporters!!