Taking Our City Back

Recent events have exposed the diversity agenda and the fact that police leaders and politicians have been in thrall to it for many years. The rioters have grown up under New Labour, have suckled from the state teat from a young age, and have had their every crime explained and excused as the fault of a racist society. They have never known boundaries. They live in a world ruled by violence and theft, a lack of personal responsibility demonstrated by baby mothers scattered across estates.

Every action has a consequence. The far right will rise. The rioters, often left to their own devises by police in fear of allegations in The Guardian, will be met with groups of vigilantes.

Notting Hill Carnival must be cancelled. The risk to police, public and property is too high. Racist? Fuck that.


MTG said...

IMHO you have it seriously wrong, WWD.

A brave decision to bring in the Army to deal with an 'out of control situation' was not taken. It was properly a political decision but cowardice at senior levels has resulted in chaos.

It is important for the Carnival to go ahead whilst looters are rounded up and spend 'time' in military custody. With lessons in mind, we cannot allow the developments to be manipulated by police. Opportunists in the latter organisation have already seen openings to acquire routine arming and effect the reversal of budget cuts.

This is more of a golden opportunity for law abiding citizens. Decades of useless policing and government can now be addressed and resolved through emergent politics - watch this space

The World Weary Detective said...

Well put. I agree with the point about it being a golden opportunity for the law abiding. It is necessary to fill the abyss before the far right take the opportunity. Routine arming? Not for me. I doubt any senior officer would wish to indulge either. Police with guns leads to police shooting people which in turn leads to negative publicity which in turn leads to a lack of promotion for the officer in charge. Most senior officers would much rather have their officers beaten and attacked than risk their own careers by offering them arms.

Sierra Charlie said...

OUR city. Spot on.

See you out there tonight.