EDL March Banned

I see that May has agreed with an application from the Met to ban the forthcoming EDL march. I agree that this is the right course of action. The last thing London needs is a bunch of violent racists marching through our streets.

What amuses me is the lack of articles in the Guardian protesting about this ban. There were hundreds and hundreds following the student protests, claiming the police were denying the right to protest. An entire march has now been banned at the request of the police. Will the Guardian side with the EDL? No. How would they have reacted had the Met tried to ban the Notting Hill Carnival?

That is the issue. Those from the left and the right bang on about fighting for rights but only the rights of those they support. Responsibility has been replaced by blame. Have the recent riots changed the political landscape? Not at all. There are far too many people who exist purely to maintain the confrontational nature of politics and society to allow this to happen.

Where is the party of unity? The centre ground? The party that stands for everyone in England, not just the rich and powerful or the minority groups they feel most threatened by?


Wow! What an Opportunity!

Due to the fact that I can't blog as often as I'd like, and that, to be honest, I'm getting stale, I'd like to offer my wonderful readers the opportunity to write a guest post for the blog. Go on, put your money where your mouth is! Your thoughtful piece may be read by at least ten people and a dog.

I would be interested in opinion (obviously) around police and crime matters, but can't really print anything that relates to ongoing court proceedings.

Contact me via my profile page...


The IPCC - Boo! Hiss!

It appears that the IPPC have decided that the police did in fact use excessive force against Jody McIntyre during the student riots / demonstrations / kettling of innocent children last December. This is the same group who will be investigating the shooting by police of Mark Duggan the drug dealing armed gangster / man who only kept his gun in a sock and would never ever shoot / caring family man who somehow managed to be followed by armed police.

The IPCC has no credibility. But what to replace it with? I suggest a panel of citizens, randomly chosen as with jury service to examine more serious complaints. They would be instructed to act as the voice of common sense - to take account of the circumstances and decide did the police act in the manner in which we would want them to? The real voice of the community. Anyone who has ever commented on or written for the Guardian or Daily Mail would be banned, as would anyone who has ever been or claimed to be a 'community leader,' or has described themselves as an activist.

It would be nice if the police could make complaints against the public as well. Ah, but not that likely....


Oh, how QUEER!

Two events are causing an impact on the ability of the police to support the 'community' in the next month. The Notting Hill Carnival is one. As written about. A fine community event that cannot be referenced by the 6000 riot police....sorry....let's all dance and ignore the attacks on police. Because they don't count.

After the riots, and the aftermath, the EDL are marching through Tower Hamlets.

There is something in common:

1) Any criticism of black culture is racism. Notting Hill Carnival is a black event therefore any criticism of it is racist.

2) The police are racist. Anything the police say is racist.

3) The EDL march through East London. This is a racist act.

4) Any attempts to stop them breaches their right to protest. This argument is ignored in the pages of The Guardian where protest rights only relate to causes they support.


Meaningless Straw Poll

Just interested to know what you think really:

Edinburgh Festival or Notting Hill Carnival? Why? I'm afraid neither is not an option!

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